Empowering Indian Women

Empowering Indian Women

Our society, at large, has undergone a lot of changes since Independence. The attitudes of men and women have evolved over the decades, revolutionising the way forward. With growing industries, today, women have also become equal contributors in the society. If we observe closely, many corporates have more women at senior-level positions, who have contributed to the overall empowerment of women everywhere.

Indian women have always been perceived to be the ones who bear children and take care of the house. But today this attitude and mindset is changing across the nation. From rural areas to urban, the government and many NGO’s are working rigorously towards women empowerment. Today women demand equal status and right with men in fields of education, employment, inheritance, politics, marriage and the more recent field of religion. The long struggle the country has seen with respect to women inequality has changed in the 21st century and it is because of this the country has grown manifold. There was a time when women from rural India were not exposed to education but today with the efforts of the government as several charitable trusts, there are proper schools and education systems being built in these areas. There are various vocational trainings that are carried out by different universities and trusts to make women more self-reliant and independent. Women today are playing bigger and better roles in the economic stratum as entrepreneurs, consumers, workers, investors, managers, creative heads, etc. With women becoming a part of every industry right from manufacturing, engineering, medical, IT field, hospitality industry, etc. their standing is considered equally important.

Gone are the days when women were considered the weaker sex; with the advent of technology and more women centric roles, women empowerment has become the essence of our society.

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