Hairstyles as per occasion

Hairstyles as per occasion

Women love to dress up, whether it is a wedding or a cocktail or a casual get together at a friends’ place; the idea of dressing up and creating magic with ourselves is the one thing that gets every woman going. Besides actually investing in great attires as per occasions, some women also spend an equal amount of time in styling their beautiful tresses. Let us give you a quick look at some hairstyles that you can try for different occasions.


Messy braided hairstyle: Very easy to make, it works like a charm for people with long hair. It is best for casual occasions or an afternoon brunch.





Double braid bun: If you have voluminous long hair, tie your hair up in this style. Very easy to do, it is perfect for weddings, cocktails or a formal party.





Gorgeous plait cum bun with flowers: If you have a wedding in the family and want a hairdo that speaks elegance and style, then plait cum bun with flowers works wonders.



Bun with a puff: Indian weddings have a great amount of pomp and show attached to it and the same reflects in the bride’s attire too. To compliment this beautiful day, style your hair with a bun and a puff along with flowers around it. Simple yet elegant, it speaks volumes about your style.




Side partition puff bun: This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for a cocktail or an evening party. With a little help, this hairdo portrays class and style.





Curls: They are considered to be the best option for any occasion. Whether you have long hair or short, you can simply puff up your hair with beautiful curls. Wear your hair down and enjoy the compliments pouring in.




Create great hairstyles everyday!

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