File Name Download link
Quarter Result September 2016 Download
Quarter Result June 2016 Download
Quarter Result March 2016 Download
Quarter Result December 2015 Download
Quarter Result September 2015 Download
Quarter Result June 2015 Download
Quarter Result March 2015 Download
Quarter Result December 2014 Download
Quarter Result September 2014 Download
Quarter Result June 2014 Download
Quarter Result March 2014 Download
Quarter Result December 2013 Download
Quarter Result September 2013 Download
Quarter Result June 2013 Download
Quarter Result March 2013 Download
Quarter Result December 2012 Download
Quarter Result September 2012 Download
Quarter Result June 2012 Download
Quarter Result March 2012 Download
Unaudited Financial Result For Quarterly/Half Year Ended 31st December,2011 Download
Quarter Result September 2011 Download
Quarter Result December 2010 Download
Unaudited Result September 2010 Download

Notice of the board meeting approving financials

File Name Download link
Notice of Board Meeting dt 13.02.2017 Download
Notice of Board Meeting dt 12.11.2016 Download
Notice of Board Meeting dt 10.08.2016 Download
Notice of Board Meeting dt 28.05.2016 Download
Notice of Board Meeting dt 05.02.2016 Download
Notice of Board Meeting dt 05.11.2015 Download

Shareholding Patterns

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Shareholding Pattern December 2016 Download
Shareholding Pattern September 2016 Download
Shareholding Pattern june 2016 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2016 Download
Shareholding Pattern December 2015 Download
Shareholding Pattern September 2015 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2015 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2015 Download
Shareholding Pattern December 2014 Download
Shareholding Pattern September 2014 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2014 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2014 Download
Shareholding Pattern December 2013 Download
Shareholding September Pattern 2013 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2013 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2013 Download
Shareholding Pattern December 2012 Download
Shareholding Pattern September 2012 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2012 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2012 Download
Shareholding Pattern December 2011 Download
Shareholding Pattern September 2011 Download
Shareholding Pattern June 2011 Download
Shareholding Pattern March 2011 Download

Annual Reports

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Annual Report 2016 Download
Annual Report 2015 Download
Annual Report 2014 Download
Annual Report 2013 Download
Annual Report 2012 Download
Annual Report 2011 Download
Annual Report 2010 Download

Notice of AGM

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Notice of 38th AGM Download
Notice of 37th AGM Download
Notice of 36th AGM Download

Scrutinizers Report

File Name Download link
38th AGM Download
37th AGM Download
36th AGM Download

Corporate Governance Reports

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Quarter Report December 2016 Download
Quarter Report September 2016 Download
Quarter Report June 2016 Download
Quarter Report March 2016 Download
Quarter Report December 2015 Download
Quarter Report september 2015 Download
Quarter Report June 2015 Download
Quarter Report March 2015 Download
Quarter Report December 2014 Download
Quarter Report September 2014 Download
Quarter Report June 2014 Download

Deposits & Dividents Updates

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Deposits Unpaid 2016 Download
Dividends Unpaid 2016 Download
Deposits Unpaid 2015 Download
Dividends Unpaid 2015 Download
Deposits and Dividends Unpaid 2014 Download
Deposits Unpaid 2013 Download
Dividends Unpaid 2013 Download

Policies & Codes

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Board diversity Policy & Performance Evaluation Forms Download
Nomination and remuneration policy Download
Policy on Related Party Transactions Download
Risk Management Policy Download
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy Download
Archival Policy Download
Policy for Preservation of Documents Download
Policy on Determination of Material Events Download