The Right Breakfast

The Right Breakfast

breakfastBreakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is not only the first meal that you have but one that actually helps your body to get the desired nutrients that help you regain your energy. Although there are many people who agree to this notion, however, not many follow the regime. Many of us skip our breakfast if we are getting late or simply because the “time” to eat breakfast has passed. Now let’s not make excuses to forego this important meal; let us make it a habit.

The right breakfast comprises of many vital nutrients that are absolutely essential for your body to combat your entire day. The main benefit of having a good breakfast is that it keeps you healthy in the long run and also helps to maintain a balanced weight. Every household has a different breakfast menu that holds a lot of importance for them. South Indians begin their day with a variety of Idli’s, Upma, Appams, and Uttapams, Dosa accompanied with their traditional coconut and tomato chutney and sambar. On the other hand, traditional North Indians prefer eating Parathas with vegetable and pickle or Puri / Kachori with vegetable, to keep them going the entire day. West India has a mix of Poha, Thepla, Sabudana Khichdi or Vada, Sweet Paratha made of Gur or Poran Poli, etc. East India has a more staple diet of rice and dim-sums along with Thupka’s and mixed broth that is considered as an ideal breakfast for them. You can also eat eggs with toasted bread and jam, cereals, fresh juice, sausages, etc. to complete your breakfast.

breakfast1With so much variety, choosing your ideal breakfast menu just got a lot simpler! It’s time to create a new ‘You’, by changing the way ‘You’ eat.

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